Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our First Jungle Christmas

Our first jungle Christmas has now come and gone. It was very memorable for many reasons. I am not feeling very creative tonight so a list of bullet points and pictures are going to have to suffice. Hope you all had a great Christmas and we wish you a very happy New Year!!!

Memorable first:

*First fake Christmas tree

*first year for colored lights (they could sing and were all broken by Christmas morning)
*first Christmas morning with no working lights on tree
*first time in years all the kids didn't sleep around the tree (Gabe needed his own bed and insisted on sleeping. We had to stop him from showering before presents, that would have broken too far from the few traditions our family does have.)

*first time decorating the tree in shorts and sweating
*first Christmas without Walmart and Target
*first Christmas Eve spent in a lake tubing
*first time we planned presents a month ahead of time (Christian bought many of the kid's gift while he was in Lima over Thanksgiving.)
*first time we bought Emma real jewlery. (silver daisy earings we bought in Arequipa before we left.)

*first time ants invaded the candy stash
*first time we froze boxes of Nerds (brought from Lima) to kill ants and picked them out
*first time our kids were happy to receive candy mixed with dead frozen ants (we only missed a few . . and what didn't have ants did 12 hours later when they forgot to close the Ziploc baggies their candy was in.)
*first time our dog ate a nativity scene and ornaments off the tree (Libby is cute but she eats everything - we are starting to think she is partially goat . . .which is good and bad. I've always wanted a goat)
*first time my oven didn't cook well and after 4 hours we had to cut off the turkey breasts and cook them in my neighbors oven
*first time the turkey feet and head were included with the turkey (Libby ate everything we didn't . she loves turkey feet.)
*first time our kids have been in a Christmas program at church . . . their debut was in Spanish.

All-in-all, it has been a great holiday . . .difficult at times missing family and friends, but amazing when we realize the friends God has given us here. So glad he came to earth so we could know him.


The Masseys from Charlottesville. said...

We have that SAME gold star on our tree!! Do you have Hipermaxi there or do all imported Chinese goods go to all latin american stores? Too funny!

The Listros said...

Store?? we bought the tree and the star in the part of town called "el huequito". Maybe the store had a name but I don't think the guy gave us a boleta so I don't know. I love that we have the same star. Gavin picked it out. Do you have major chain stores in Santa Cruz? We have a few national electronic stores but every thing else is local. Hope you had a great Christmas. We miss you. Besitos a todos.

Jack said...

It's great to hear about all your
first experiances this Christmas in Pucallpa. Ants, heat, mud, cheap stuff from huequito street! Brings us right back there! But have you experiance getting robbed in town? There are always plenty of those stories around Christmas. Careful on Huequito street!!! We miss you guys! We had the Levetts over last night and were talking about you guys (good stuff) They miss you too! Wish we were there to take you too Orlando's!!
Later, Lisa for the family