Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Lovely Locks

Beth just got back from Grandma's shop . . . minus 10 inches of hair. We LOVE her new do. We will mail her ponytails off to Locks of Love this week.

We are proud of you, Beth.

For those of you who noticed - yes, her ponytail fell apart. The elastic fell off when she was shaking it around. We had to pick some of the hair up off the deck. She also managed to stab herself with the back end of an arrow yesterday - hence the mark on her neck. (That happened yesterday while we were on the phone, Nancy.) She is an apple that doesn't fall far from this tree (mom).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Goat Kart

The kids love playing with the new go-kart they built with Daddy. The neighbor kids and the cousins like it too. Max mistakenly spent several days calling it a "goat kart" in stead of a go-kart before we realised the miss understanding.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Day at Home

So, today was the first Saturday in months that we have not needed to attend a soccer game (or two or three). We ate in our jammies - well, mom did. Read stories, played Legos and cars, made jewelry, planned a birthday party and best of all . . . helped Daddy make the neatest go-kart/soap box derby car ever. I made three meals, finished the laundry and never set foot outside (it was raining and cold.) Tomorrow the schedule is full again but that fact only leads me to appreciate today all the more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lovely Locks

In the Spring of 2004 our girls had some very lovely long locks. Beth was not quite 4 and Emma was 5.

They each cut off 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love.

Well, here we are in 2007 and Emma did it again. Last week she cut off 10 inches of her hair to donate to Locks of Love.

It was a hard decision for her this time. She didn't have to do it but she chose to. We think she made a good choice. We are proud of you, Emma!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Emma's Baptism

I can't believe I didn't post this earlier. It could have something to do with the fact that I just down loaded the pictures off the camera. Any way . . . . . . .

Emma was baptised in August. It was so amazing. We have never approached our kids about baptism. They know what God has to say about the subject but we never asked or pushed. We want their faith to be entirely theirs. Emma has opted not to over the last few years whenever the opportunity presented itself. Well, our church was having its regularly scheduled picnic/baptism at a local park at the end of August. We never mentioned it. She never mentioned it. Then the day before the picnic I was helping Lorraine (my mother-in-law) frost a cake for the picnic and Gavin was watching us, cracking his usual jokes. Gabe went outside to find Emma and tell her what we were doing and about Gavin's silliness. She just said, "What, the baptism is tomorrow??" She scrambled out of the tree she was in, ran inside to find Christian, and told him she wanted to be baptised. We were a bit surprised but very happy for her. She was baptised by her dad in the lake the following day. (the other guy in the picture is the new pastor at FCC, Chuck Redfern.)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Truth, Lies, and Little Hearts

One of the reasons we home school is so we can speak truth into the lives of our kids. I have been ever so grateful for this privilege this week. I truly believe that God created us to be told who we are - BY HIM; yet we usually aren't tuned into what he is saying to us. We have our ears tuned to the fallen, imperfect people around us.

A few of our kids are struggling with some things this week. I was so thankful to be the one with whom they were talking, sharing their deepest secrets and hurts. I was was truly saddened at how much of what they were thinking and feeling were lies - untruths about themselves and others. The lies are nothing new to mankind, yet to see our little ones wrestle with their feelings and hurtful encounters with others it is really frustrating and heart wrenching. The worst part is that you can see the sparkle dim in their beautiful little eyes as some part of their heart believes the lie that was just spoken to or about them.

God wants us to allow him to tell us who we are - he already has. The God of heaven and Earth chose to die than to live eternity without us. That makes us very special and valuable. Yet I stand amazed at how we quickly exchange our value for the filth and lies our "friends", enemies, and others choose to toss our way.

You can't really learn first hand about God's ability to "bind up the broken hearted" unless you have a broken heart but where do you draw the line as a parent? No situation is going to be perfect but every situation is a learning experience about people, life, God and human nature. So tonight we struggle with knowing where to draw the line. Let them continue where they are, learn, and get wounded or pull them off the front lines?