Saturday, March 22, 2008

Table Games

Our kids have always been very creative and they become more even more so as there minds are opened up to the realities of other cultures around the world. It is interesting to see how their minds process and accept the idiosyncrasies of other cultures. People who eat bugs for lunch is not really gross anymore. It is a matter of fact.

For lunch today we had pasta. I didn’t have quite enough penne so I broke up so angle hair and through it in the pot, too. While eating, Gavin and Beth had some sort of game going but I couldn’t quite tell what it was. Then Beth blurts out, "We are playing American and Indian!" It took a second to put it all together, but they meant Indian: a person indigenous to the rainforest, and not American Navaho. I had a pretty good idea what was going on but I had to ask for an explanation of the game. Just to hear it in their own words.

One person is the Indian and the other person is the American. The "Indian" gets to make up what they are eating - for example, the angel hair were the skinny worms and the penne were the fat worms/grubs. The "Indian" acts like they LOVE the food while the "American" sheepishly puts the "worms" into their mouth and tries not to get grossed out.

I allowed them to continue the game as they were still remembering their table manners. Then Gavin(who was the "American") looks at Beth and asks pleadingly, "Can we stop this game, my belly is really starting to hurt." I guess he got into his role a little too well.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chocolate cream pie

We scheduled several small group presentations about Peru for this month. We had great turn out at the first one, great turn out at the second, and zero tonight. Two families couldn't make it and the others never RSVP'd. So, admittedly, tonight was a bit discouraging but over all, four new people have joined our support team in the last week. That is AMAZING!!!!! God never ceases to astound us with his goodness and his foresight.

Having no one show up tonight actually was a blessing. We were able to take our time with dinner and eat chocolate cream pie for dessert. Gabe had gone to my mom's for a birthday sleep over tonight and the three younger ones went to bed as usual which left us with just Emma. We let her stay up late and played a great game of "Settlers of Catan". It is always exciting to spend time with the kids one on one or when they find themselves in a new roll (ie. oldest sibling for the day).