Thursday, April 10, 2008

We have a new address!

God is amazing!! Christian made it to SC Tuesday night. He made some phone calls the next day and found a condo for rent only 3 miles from the office. It has some woods and a stream to play in and a community pool (our kids prayed persistently for a pool!)

Our new address - as temporary as it may be . . .

2149 Midnight Blue Ln
Fort Mill , SC 29708

Thank you to all who have been praying for us. They land lord was very nice and gave us a good deal on the rent and a very short-term lease and we can have Maggie (our dog) come with us!! God is faithful. The plan from here is to pack and leave next week-end. Christian will be home Saturday night and has to work his last week here in CT. Packing is proving to be the most trying aspect of this move. It looks like a bomb has exploded in our rooms. Well, I will just pray and keep plugging away . . .

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The song says it all

Something changed inside me,
broke wide open all spilled out,
till I had no doubt
that something changed.

Every word I believed in,
'til I felt it in my own heart
in the deepest part
the healing came.

And I cannot make it
and I cannot fake it
and I can't afford it
but it's mine.

Something so amazing
in a heart so dark and dim
when the walls fall down
and the light comes in

And I cannot make it
and I cannot fake it
and I can't afford it
but it's mine.

I thank you, Lord . . . .

-heart/life: Amy
-words: Sara Groves

The Latest . . .

Christian leaves on Tuesday to go a look for a place for us to live in the Charlotte, NC area. He accepted a position at the SAM home office and will be working there TEMPORARILY until we leave for Peru. We are still waiting our full support to come in but in the mean time we thought this job would be a great opportunity for Christian and our whole family. Pray for him, Finding a rental with 5 kids and a dog at an affordable price is not as simple of a task as I had once thought. We will be coming back up to CT in early May and we still plan to travel to MI. Our address is changing but that is all - we are still raising support and will leave for Peru as some as we are at 100%.

Other noteworthy news:
Max lost his first tooth (ripped it out himself)
We are officially finished with our history book!!! (it has taken us 2+ years to get though world history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the colonization of North America - Story of the World volume 2)