Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mystery Gift Giver

This is a special note to say, "THANK YOU!" To the kind person that has been leaving us gifts in cars and in-boxes. You are a blessing to us. God bless you.

I Did It!!!

Yesterday I (Amy) ran my first 5k! Saturday night I was dreading the thought of going to run but it was great. I ran with two friends, Emily and Olivia. We signed up for the non-competitive run/walk. That was a mistake. There were over 15,000 people in down town Charlotte yesterday for the Susan G. Komen run for the cure. I think 14,000 of them were walking. It was difficult to get through the crowd if you wanted to run. But I didn't train the last 6 weeks to walk. So I weaved my way through the crowd and completed the race in 38 minutes!!!! I say that it was my first 5K because now that I have done it once I just might do it again.

Our latest news letter went out on September 30. If you didn't get one and you want one let us know.