Friday, July 27, 2007

A Broken Finger

Beth broke her finger yesterday. She was running on the side walk, fell, and broke her fall with her pinky. It was quite unnerving when she picked her self up off the side walk and showed me her hand. Now, falling down is nothing new for Beth. Graceful is not on the list of adjectives for our sweet middle child. She tends to be a bit dramatic so I wasn’t to concerned when she got up crying. Then she screamed, "My finger!" and there was her right pinky twisted sideways and curved over her ring finger. I could feel the bone sticking out in the joint at her hand and knew we needed to head to the ER. The poor thing had to walk the rest of the way home from the play ground (about .3 of a mile). She needs to go next Thursday, after the swelling has gone down, to the hospital to have the finger externally manipulated and set - they will put her to sleep, pull it out and straighten it, and cast it. It is pretty smashed up at the growth plate. We pray they can fix it right. Meanwhile, she has a ½ cast or a splint to wear. She is not to thrilled with either one and hates the sling. Luckily the orthopedic Dr. Said she could go w/o the sling. She was so funny at the ER. She told me that she knew she was going to fall and had tried to make it to the grass but only her forehead made it. Also, she was glad her finger was broken and not dislocated so no had to pull on it. She may not be graceful but she is quite practical.