Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lexicology with Gavin

The other day the kids stumbled upon a really bad video recording of a musical I did in high school with the church youth group. The kids thought it was hilarious to watch. I was a bit embarrassed to hear for myself that my singing wasn't as good as I had thought back then. Emma was glad that I am not as large as I had been and glad I don't wear that much jewelry any more. Gavin just wanted to know what a youth group was. With his face a screwed up he demanded, "Mommy, what IS a youth group?" I answered very simply, "A group of youth who get together and do things." Annoyed he asked again, "What is a youth?" "Oh, a youth is a young person." Annoyed and exasperated he finished the conversation, "Uh! Why can't they just say young people!!"

Monday, December 03, 2007

Biology II with Gavin

Gavin complimented me on a dress I was wearing yesterday. I thanked him and told him Daddy liked my dress, too, and that I have had it along time. I even had it when Mommy and Daddy were dating.
"You mean like crickets, Mom, when they meet each other for the first time. You had that dress when you were mating?"

Biology with Gavin

The other day I was assisting Gavin in the bathroom when a discussion ensued about the differences between boys and girls. I pointed out that he and Daddy were boys, to which he quickly corrected me. "Daddy is not a boy. He is a man!" True enough. I then pointed out that he and Daddy were males, to which he responded, "Oh, we are males and you're a she-male!"

It was quite cute.